Ms. Harris' Overview of Guess How Much I Love You

— feeling love
Guess How Much I Love You - Sam McBratney, Anita Jeram

A great book for a Valentines day! It is placed at a 2.8 (2nd grade, 8th month) reading level from accelerated reader leveling system. This book is guaranteed to touch hearts. Little Nut Brown Hare tries to prove to his mother just how much he loves her. Big Nut Brown Hare out does Little Nut Brown Hare every time. You will have to read to experience the sweet ending. An exciting activity for students to participate in is to have the teacher read this to students during Valentines day and the teacher will cut out hearts that have sight words and/or spelling words. The students will have to spell the words correctly and say the word aloud. This activity could be called "Un-breaking Hearts" as the students put the hearts back together with the correct pronunciation.